The Canadian Electric Boats Company show off its Volt 180

The hull of the Volt 180 is made with a fiberglass infusion technique similar to that used in much larger boats. Composite materials are meticulously and precisely set throughout the hull construction process. As a result, the thickness of the materials is controlled by creating a perfect balance.
The Volt 180 can be equipped with various electric motorizations, ranging from 2 kWh, to the Torqeedo Deep Blue 60 kWh engine. With the motorization of 60KWh, it will be possible to practice water skiing and navigate in the waters with strong current. BMW manufactures the 32 kWh lithium-ion battery found on this high-performance version.
Finally, all our electric boats require a minimum of maintenance. The Volt 180 is easy to use and is perfectly designed for rental or to serve as a water taxi. Fishermen will be surprised by its stability, fishing rod holders and a livewell are available as an option. In addition, this 18-foot boat seats up to 14 passengers.
For the occasion, the Canadian Electric Boats Company offers a significant discount by reducing its price to $ 30,445 CAD. In addition, you will have the chance to enjoy a $ 2,000 CAD free options during the show. Limited offer for the Montreal Boat and Watersports Show.
All the electric boats that the Company manufactures are different and reflect the personality and needs of each customer. Head to the boat building tool and start customizing your dream Volt 180.
Dario Gomez
1 (438) 403-8680